We originally started UMACAMON Group opened a KYUSHU IZAKAYA style w/ SHOCHU Drink BAR restaurant ‘UMACAMON Japanese Kitchen (2014~2020). We held a lot of services and a verity of events ‘TUNA fish Cutting shows, Summer festival, KYUSHU event, collaboration with the local communities, weddings etc.


2014: UMACAMON Group established / UMACAMON Japanese Kitchen

2015: IZAKAYA style restaurant and SHOCHU Bar open

2016: ZURICH Lunch Cafe catering / FOODA catering start

2017: Events with Mitsuwa Market Place Chicago start

2018: Catering services / Events coordinating start

2019: Coordinating concert with HARUNA Ai event / UMA Japan Eatery established

2019: UMAZAP USA founded

2020: UMACAMON Japanese Kitchen closes / UMACAMON Express at Evanston open

2021: ‘UMA Japan Eatery’ at Arlington Heights open / UMAZAP USA established

2022: UMA Japan Eatery as a catering business

  • Hiring YouTube Editor, E-commerce manager

2023: 1st RAMEN USA open / UMAC Group Inc.

2023: M-Café Project starts in July ** on Hiring! Contact at umacaEXP@gmail.com


UMAC Group Inc. / UMAC Partner Inc. (food services, restaurant management, restaurant coordinate, catering service, package productions, event coordinate)

Trading >> Mitsuwa market place, SANTOKA Ramen, SUTADONYA, M-Café