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We are very grateful for those working on the Front lines in our community under the COVID-19 situation. We UMACAMON would like to send our ‘THANKS!’ to them as the community HERO program’ We would like to serve our Japanese lunch boxes (free of charge and delivery) to those who serves as a public worker, school institute, hospital, care service workers, government relations and others who are risking themselves to COVID-19. Although we are a small food provider, we want to give our appreciation to the local Heroes serving our community.

What we can provide this time till end of June.

>> Two times a week ( Monday and Saturday), 4 free lunch boxes per family, 2 family per day. **We are limited staff power so only two times a week to do our charity activity. Delivery two families per day.

>> 4 lunch boxes delivery to one family who has their family member works under the public entities like hospital, public related jobs, school, care worker, etc.

>> Our delivery regions: Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Elk Grove Village

So,,, please email us (umacaEXP@gmail.com) your name, contact information, COVID19 service that you or your family member works at, our staff will contact you for the menu and delivery date. As a charity order this is a first come and first serve basis, therefore you may not be selected for this service. We wish we can do this bigger but let us try what we can do for our community!



下記 日本語ご説明

COVID 19 コロナの状況下で頑張っておられるフロントラインの従事者の皆さまそしてそのご家族へ

コロナの状況下 まだまだ大変な時を過ごされている、方々。私達が少しでも安全で健康に過ごせているのは、最前線で不安や危険に向き合ってお仕事を全うされている、沢山の方々のおかげだと感じています。そんな中、私どもウマカモンは少しでも地域貢献として何か出来ないか、小さくても感謝を届けることが出来ないかを考えました。




Eメールで連絡、ご指名、連絡先、ご職業(コロナの状況下での簡単な従事内容。例:私の母が病院に勤務しています。例:主人が郵便局で働いています、例:コロナ渦中、食品量販店でレジをやっています 等々)を明記の上、ご連絡ください。